Set in my D&D fantasy universe this game follows a group making their way in the world.



Troy (goblin)–

Josh (goblin)–

Rena (snake)-

Current goings onEdit


On a mission with a group of Goblins with Vital information about the lost Goblin Prince (ambassador from Gobland to Mi Lund). Their companions were killed, Josh and Troy survived and were captured.

Escaped from ork prison and met Groak (and his lickable toad Mr Rainbow), avoided a Warg mounted search party. Herded a bunch of Water buffalo and befriended one (which is now their mount). Met a talking snake (Rena) and fought a Worg. Made their way to a town for supplies and intel.

Got captured by some Gnolls and were being taken as bounties. Escaped when 2 great eagles attacked the group and were carried off by the eagles. Made friends with the eagles and helped them kill some giant spiders that had been infesting their mountain home. The eagles then sped them on their journey towards the coast.