Carl is a factory worker for a popular car manufacturer Vauxhall which was founded by a man with the name Alexander Wilson, Carl came from a rural farm producing food mainly for the large nearby city. As a young teenager the farm was destroyed by an unknown and suspicious fire. Carl and his sister survived and were taken to an orphanage within the city.

It wasn't despite his best efforts to remain together with his younger sister they were separated when his sister was adopted out to a seemingly well off family but would not take Carl. As he saw his his sister leave the orphanage he vowed to to find her again, from then he doubled his efforts to also be taken by anyone as he had little chance of locating her from that place.

It wasn't long before he was "adopted" by a man named Henry it became clear that he wasn't after sons but cheaper labor to lessen the rising costs of manufacturing to compete with the larger car companies. And so Carl began work on the assembly line of the factory earning very little, after many years and many near misses Carl thought he had finally had enough money saved to set out and find his sister.

As a person Carl is rough and short tempered as a front, deep down cares for the few friends has made, physically strong and and practically minded.

Appearance: short dirty blonde hair, pale complexion, green eyes, 6' tall, toned build.