Summary Edit

Sixth game had the group traveling to the town of Horn Hill in Nebraska, investigating a missing agent of the torch who was sent investigating a mysterious artifact unearthed in an archeology dig. The group found the town overrun with blue frozen zombies. They discoverd that the Spear of Hel had taken over the Professor, creating and controlling zombies. The group, with the help of a local who had survived (Louise) found the magic sword, Gram, sword of Sigmund, son of Sigurd the legendary Norse hero buried nearby. With the power of the magic sword and a snow plow the group was able to break through the horde of zombies and with luck, break the spear of Hel ending the curse.

Players present Edit

Hayden – Carl Wilson

Josh – William “Will” Franklin

Serena – Evelyn Wolfe

Jarrod – John “Johnnie two fingers” Grayson

Daniel - Roy Clifton