Evelyn Grue: born 1899, France.

Father (William) was a fantastic jeweler, but an alcoholic and abusive drunk.

Mothers (Amelia) family was minor aristocracy and disowned her for getting pregnant + married.

Amelia's brother (Edmund Lafoy) continued to send her money secretly.

When Evelyn was two/three years old her father killed her mother, left everything to her and disappeared.

Evelyn was left to Edmund and became Evelyn Lafoy. Uncle Edmund was kind and benevolent but distant. Educated her quickly and efficiently, believing that a lack of education was Amelia's (E’s mother) downfall.

He didn't seem to understand the point of childhood. He didn't tell her about her parents death except to say that they died tragically. E loves her jewelry.

After the war broke out they moved to USA and Evelyn made friends with some street kids. She learnt to steal food and hide in the streets of NY. In 1918 Edmund traveled back to Europe to secure his/their money and died of spanish flu at 37 (August/September).

E married her best friend and love (Joseph) & becomes Evelyne Lake. They were happy and he was rebuilding her family money in texas when the tornado in East Texas hit and he was declared dead (April 9, 1919).

In mourning stages she spoted a piece of her fathers jewelry and stole it, beginning a few months of theft (reminding her of her early days with Joe). She was caught and all her jewelry taken (legitimate & stolen). Strangely she is let go and taken home (to her place) by a handsome man called Francis Wolfe. He was kind and mysterious, she was lost and alone. They marry after only 2 months together.

After months of being married she discovered he is a criminal/thief posing/working as a PI. Francis told her because he thought they may need to run. At the same time he told her about her parents deaths/disappearance. He was shot a few days later, before they can leave.

Evelyne is shocked that she knows so little about her life. She doesn’t even know what her money is involved in! She resolves to be less naive (and to get her jewelry back). THEN...she gets a letter, letters were always addressed to Mr. Wolfe but this was addressed to Ms. Grue/Lafoy/Lake/Wolfe

Start of Game: Ms. Evelyne Wolfe, 20 years old (turning 21).