On Spear Tip island, Dianne tells Throm that she is pregnant with his child and that she is around 6 weeks along. He gives her 30 platinum and makes a plan to scry with each other and send messages.

Maera works out the storm is coming for her and the Captain gets her to scry a message to her family to tell them that she is safe and traveling. The storm stops and then the ships heads off too Ilma-Henki Island.

On the way there, a huge shark attacks the ship and Maera uses “make animal frand” to turn the Shark from Hostile to Helpful. Bitey is now a frand.

The crew arrive at Ilma Henki and go into the temple. Tobias puts the gem into the socket and the light points to Lacerta (in the Dino Lands area).

The ship then heads to Dragonturtle Island to get supplies. Maera shopped for pirating equipment. Throm shopped for books and bought an Orc book. Roan shopped for healing items.

Daechir looked for a contract and started on a bounty mission.

Busidius Dunn
Starting fights in taverns and robbing the fallen participants. Tavern owners getting annoyed with him causing a ruckus and damaging the establishments. Average height. Brown hair. Scar on right side of face. Favours a Morningstar.
200gp captured / 100gp dead
Give to one of the designated taverns
Throm went to a Jackel temple and drank and gambled a lot. Akilu socialised with a Darfellan named Tahu and then eventually went into the Jackel temple as well (Throm never noticed him). While Akilu was in the temple, he saw someone he recognised from a long time ago, and found out his name was Marcus. No further recollection of this man.