With foggy weather, visibility is very low when the group are 2 days out from the Dragon Turtle Island, doing regular ship stuff like Akilu cleaning barnacles off of the ship hull and Maera wake-boarding with a plank of wood and rope Roan setup. The rope knot loosens and Roan loses grip, causing Maera to fall into the water – where she sees a large shadow under the ship.

She tries to get the attention of the ship, but it is already too far away. Maera catches up just as the shadow is close to the ship and she casts light on her sword, unveiling the monstrous shark that slams into the ship. The whole ship shakes and some of the crew fall over. Zot and Akilu become shaken with fear.

Maera tries to make friends with the shark and it just gets angry and attacks her, biting away most of her health. Squirt jumps into the water acting as a shield and Akilu attacks the shark, drawing attention away from Maera. Roan and Daechir then jump into the water to help.

Slowing wearing down the shark, it eventually retreats as fast as it can into the shadowy depths of the ocean.

The group regroup after the fight on the deck and the captain tells them to keep guard as it may return. Maera tells the group that it is not a natural shark and Squirt sits under the ship and watches for the sharks return.

Squirt signals the group as they feel another bump, followed by a loud crunching. With the ship taking damage and crew falling over; Akilu, Roan and Daechir jump into the fray.

The shark and fighters exchange blows, while Roan summons another shark and a squid to help. When Akilu is almost done being able to fight, Roan steps in between them and turns into a giant squid, trying to hold onto the shark.

The shark breaks free as Daechir delivers a critical shot to the shark, killing it in its tracks. It had no chance to escape again.

With the battle one, Daechir teleports the shark onto the deck, where Roan discovers this is most likely a monstrous shark of legend. Most likely with intent to attack any ship it finds. Was it protecting something and how many ships has it already destroyed?