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Player is Michael Makenzie-Ross, in the Pirates game.

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Growing up in a small fishing village, Roan was always drawn to the Sea, the raw beauty and power of the Sea almost spoke to him, calling him to swim further, to dive deeper. This often led the adventurous youth into trouble, such as the time he was caught in a cave-in while exploring a seaside cavern.  Trapped by the falling rocks and with the tide rapidly rising he was only saved by Arvastan, a passing Aquatic Elf Druid.  After tending to his wounds, Arvastan left, but was continually tracked down by Roan, seeking his friendship and what was quickly turning into a form of hero worship.  This event has proved to be turning point for him, leaving him mentally scarred and unable to handle enclosed spaces, and yet leading him to the most important person in his life.

Arvastan eventually began to warm to the young Human, allowing Roan to accompany him as he went about his Druidic duties.  Despite the Druid's normal solitary life, he felt a kinship based on their mutual love for the Sea.  As Roan grew into a young adult, he began to learn the ways of the druid, and of the Circle Beneath the Waves.  The idea of being so close to the Sea called to Roan and he soon became Arvastan's apprentice.  Using Arvastan's powers of Water Breathing to visit places he thought he would never see let alone have a chance to protect.

Roan soon was able to accommodate both his fishing background and his new Druidic lifestyle by taking part in fishing expeditions.  Roan was able to use his Druidic powers to guide the ships to the best catches, as well as keep them away from sensitive reefs or endangered animals.

The friendship between Roan and Arvastan continued to grow until Arvastan mysteriously disappeared without a trace.  Despite all of his skills, Roan has not seen or heard anything of his mentor for several years.  Now a fully fledged Druid in his own right, Roan has decided to set out to find his friend, and along the way, hopefully gain the power and experience necessary to become a member of the Circle Beneath the Waves, so he can once again become One with the Sea that he loves so much.

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Water Elemental

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