Set in my D&D fantasy universe this game follows a group making their way in the world.



Jarrod = Quarien Naila – elf fighter

Courtney = Carline, Elf Sorceror

Jeff = jamven, Human, ranger

Hayden = inglip, Human Cleric

Crystal = kilero - rogue


Matt = Lexar – tiefling rogue

Kat = sarah, elf rogue

Hayden = half ork barbarian that exploded

Jeff = Human wizard that got burnt to death

Andrew = Dookie, Half-elf cleric

Joram = Feallion Milamiera – elf druid

Current goings onEdit


Game started before Day of Darkness

Started in Helix

Helix – a town built on one of the main cross roads in the Imperium. It has roads leading east to the Imperium port. North to the great gate and the Imperium capital and south towards the green alliance border. It has 1 very large bar and inn run by a man named Big Steve. His son, Little Steve runs a caravan that travels between the capital and Helix.

Barking owl - Starting Inn

Foggy porpoise - Inn

Frank – inn keepers husband

Gloob – hormunclous library directory

Fuzzy panther - Brothel

Southern keep – dwarven

Arseton – port town in arse end of the imperium

The Great Fortune– pirate ship

Captain Jonah Sotta – human - malcom renayonds from firefly

Anguss – Minotaur – barbarian – 2nd in command of the Great Fortune

Tat – ships cook – magical tatoos

Smoker – Human Wizard – gets high

Thalos Island – mezona holding tournament of thalos ever full moon

-          Officials wearing red hats

Leave Thalos on ship

Time skip as the huge storm swallows up the ship

Lost island

Leffarr – the nincardi

Colousal monstrous centipede guarding the entrance to the underdark

Now in the land of the lost bioluminescent cave

Met fleshraker – jeff befriended

Mycloids leading them though cave

Found their way out.

Travelled through demon ruins

Convinced cultists they were demons and had them lead them out of the ruins

Captured by the Arcadian Empire and placed in the Spire, a massive flying prison/weapons testing facility.

Group hatches an escape plan. Plan goes somewhat acording to plan and they find the Strahl prototype. Which they steal.

Escaped blue dragon.