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Valleyforge is one of the three city states that form Rionib, part of my D&D fantasy universe

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Founded by the mage Ternes Darastrix, first lord of Valley Forge, high lord of Rionib, The Pillar of the East

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Valleyforge has no official state religion, with its people worshipping a number of deities. The main deities worshipped however are:

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  • Southern Keep
  • Barracks
  • Mage School
  • Assasins school for children
  • Sanctuary of Darastrix
  • The Cloaked Feather
  • Royal City Library

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  • Maester Staldin - Lore Keeper
  • Ternes Darastrix (deceased) - Founder of Valley Forge, First High Lord of Rionib, Pillar of the East
  • Cigric Darastrix (deceased) - Grandfather Leafre Mirum Darastrix
  • Marc Darastrix (deceased) - Cousin Leafre Mirum Darastrix
  • Herbin Darastrix - Son of Marc Darastrix, location and condition currently unknown
  • Agela Darastrix - Daughter of Marc Darastrix, location and condition currently unknown
  • Leafre Mirum Darastrix - The current lord of Valleyforge
  • Aquran Mirum Darastrix - Brother of Leafre Mirum Darastrix, currently undead.
  • Ashanna Mirum (deceased) - The mother of Leafre Mirum Darastrix
  • Thoric Mirum Darastrix (deceased) - The father of Leafre Mirum Darastrix
  • Sergeant Gregorio Hillstead - Commander of the Souther Keep
  • Captain Erebos - Captain of the guards
  • Grand Maester Wilkilm - Head wizard of the Mage School
  • Maester Flitzbith - Minister of education
  • Duke Archibald Kenly - Guild master/principle of assasins school for children, chairman of orzhov in valley forge, elected leader of the merchants guild.
  • Leonardo de Rionib - Master architect
  • Madame Virra - Owner of the Cloaked Feather
  • The Librarian - Librarian of the Mage School
  • Neassa Rowe - librarian of the city library with the book monkey (Dex)
  • Burgess Miller - Common criminal, fences stolen stuff
  • Wilfred “Goat” Hampton – Merchant/criminal/cut-throat, deals with barbarian tribes
  • Barrom Thundersword – head of the underworld, Theives ect.
  • Allston Mcgee – Royal blacksmith

Organisations Edit

  • Sad Flute assassin guild
  • Merchants Guild