Veronica Everdeane (Ronnie)

Ronnie is a Jazz singer for the Cotton Club in Harlem New York, owned by Owney ‘The Killer’ Madden leader of the Gopher Gang. She got in tight with his dame Battle Annie, Leader of the Gopher Girls and Queen of Hell’s Kitchen; she really helped Ronnie through some rough times.

Ronnie is originally from Boston where she grew up dreaming of something more than the life her parents had planned. She was a tough kid, liked to hang about town with the boys but all she ever wanted was to sing Jazz in front of the greats. She listened to all the great Jazz musicians when they came to Boston, often sneaking into joints and watching from the wings.

She moved to New York when she was 20 and spent 3 years singing in dives and speakeasies for gangsters, then she met Battle Annie who recommended her to Owney as a new act for the Cotton Club. She was finally able to perform with some of New York’s best Jazz artists. It was everything she ever wanted but somehow there was something missing in her life.

Ronnie is a charmer; she’s full of grace and has a keen eye for who’s who in this town, she’s trustworthy and won’t turn her back on those who help her out but she has no time for those who would use her. Despite her love of performance and being in the limelight she likes to spend her down time observing those around her and keeps to the shadows and dark nooks. She’s not as dumb as she makes out to be, she knows more about the people in this town then they realise.

Appearance: Long Dark (almost black) hair, Tan skin, Brown eyes, 5’6”, athletic body type.

Charismatic Hero